Thursday, January 5, 2012

Infinity scarves

I have become slightly addicted to Pinterest. The other day I made a "slutty brownie" recipe for my family that I found on Pinterest. (They are "slutty" because they are easy and a bit filthy - heehee!) I also found these Infinity scarves on Pinterest. Knowing my girls love scarves I just had to check it out. They looked so easy that I immediately cut up a t-shirt and made one. My girls loved it and wanted more! Unfortunately, I don't keep old t-shirts around so we headed to DI for a t-shirt shopping spree. We came home with 7 t-shirts and have made a scarf out of each one of them.

Here's me in the necklace-type one.
Shanley and McKayla much prefer the ruffle-type scarf. Here is Shanley in one.

For McKayla's I added a small pom-pom edging to one of the ruffles. I love that effect.

I love these scarves! They take about 15 minutes to make and cost me $1-$2 each (could be free if I'd just not throw away old t-shirts),


  1. cute!! I just got addicted to Pinterest too. :)

  2. I made a bunch of those too! So easy, no sewing (my favorite) and I always get compliments on them. Now to try the slutty brownie recipe. :)