Monday, January 23, 2012


I get why Evangelical Christians claim Mormons are not Christians. After all, we believe in a God of flesh and bones who looks like us. We also believe in a Godhood of three separate and distinct beings. We believe in a resurrected Christ. We also believe we can become Gods. In other words, our Christ is as different to them as Buddha is to us. I get it. They are not saying we don't believe in Christ just not the same Christ they worship.

What I don't get is how these same Evangelical Christians can vote for a thrice-married, cheating scoundrel over a happily married man just because the former is a "Christian". Which one acts more Christ-like? Don't values count for anything? What about a moral code?

Maybe the American public wants to vote for someone they can relate to and maybe a cheat is easier to identify with then someone who can be happily married for 30+ years and who is also financially successful.

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