Monday, September 19, 2011

where all goes according to plan....

So many opportunities this weekend to be grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord. Our entire weekend just seemed to have everything fall into place.

We left early Saturday morning for the airport. We walked up to the gate at just the right moment to be able to board immediately. The best part - ALL 5 of us (Chandler didn't go) got to sit in first class. We arrived and were the first ones at the rental car counter.

We drove around Spokane a bit and admired how incredibly beautiful it is! I love the mountains of Utah and am not usually tempted to live anywhere else but I definitely could live quite happily in Spokane.

Then we headed to our appointment at the Spokane Temple. They had a large group from Montana doing baptisms but had said they'd squish our kids in. They actually let our children go first so that worked very well for us.

We arrived at the hotel at exactly the same time as Kevin's brother, Jeff, and his family so we got to start socializing immediately. The kids got to swim in the hotel pool.

The reception was very nice and, again, we enjoyed the chance to visit with Kevin's family whom we don't see often.

We got up at 4 am on Sunday morning to catch the flight back to SLC. The flight was overbooked but we tried anyway. When we got to the gate, the agent told us that he could probably only get 3 of us on. Then, a family of 3 didn't make it to the gate in time so ALL of us got on the flight! That family didn't miss it by much because we saw them walking up to the gate as we were boarding - 30 seconds sooner and we'd have been left behind.

I am feeling seriously blessed to have had this weekend go so smoothly!

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