Sunday, September 18, 2011

some favorite photos (from the wedding)

MIRACLE!!! I absolutely never thought I'd ever see the day when a photo of my could possibly be included in favorites but I really do like this one of me and the girls. Of course, I am biased but I do believe my daughters are so pretty they could make any photo look good!

Jolyn's daughter, Natalie, and McKayla.

Jolyn's son, Josh, and Alec.

Ben's girls, Maggie and Sophie.

Todd's son, Garrett.

Shanley and Alec. Alec doesn't usually take very good pictures but I've actually included TWO of him in these favorites. He isn't making silly faces in either of them.

My favorite photo is this one of my daughters. I sure do love them!

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  1. You do have beautiful daughters. Britni and I had a great time with them at the open house this weekend!! We just wish it could have been longer. We really need to get together more often. :)