Monday, September 12, 2011


One last Homecoming hurrah for Alec!

The RHS Homecoming game was Friday night and Alec, as the previous year's king, got to participate. Being the king meant so much to him. He announced it to everyone. He wore his crown frequently. He often re-enacted the announcing, crowning, and applause. So, he really enjoyed being back in the spotlight again last Friday.

He rode into the stadium with McKenna Hubbard (last year's queen) to last year's Homecoming theme song "Home" by Michael Buble.
Here they are on the field awaiting the new royalty.
He couldn't get enough of the "queens" (he's always had a thing for pretty girls). Here he is with Kylie Woolley (this year's queen) and McKenna Hubbard.
One last pic with McKenna.

I was too busy trying to snap photos to notice but McKayla told me the student section was chanting Alec's name before he was even announced. She overheard someone say, "Dangit! The sophomores don't even know Alec." She also told me she is sad that she never got to attend high school with Alec.

I love the RHS student body! They are awesome! I also love that my other children are not embarrassed by Alec but welcome him into their lives!

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