Sunday, April 28, 2013

quick weekend update

Tonya and her boys were down Thursday night.  We didn't get a lot of time together but Tonya did go with me to Special Needs Mutual.  The boys, my kids, and a couple neighbor boys had a fun soccer game until fairly late. 

Chandler had a soccer game Friday night.  His team tied.  That was nice because they've really struggled this year and have lost a lot of games by a large margin.  Shanley had a sleepover at Jolyn's with her cousins.  McKayla went to a dance concert with a group of track friends and then they came to our home and had me make them alfredo.

Saturday Kevin helped Brakston and Whitney move out of their apartment.  They moved most of their stuff into storage in preparation for spending the summer in Spokane.  They will stay in their apartment (on a mattress) until Tuesday.  Then they'll stay with us for the rest of the week.  Saturday they will leave for Washington.  McKayla and I went to her track meet at Davis High.  She cut 13 seconds off her previous Utah best time.  Alec went to a soccer clinic for those with special needs.  Shanley had a dance performance.  Her team earned two first places.  Chandler had a soccer game and lost badly.

Quite a sporting weekend - must be spring!

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