Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am so behind on blogging.  I have composed so many posts in my head but can't seem to find any time to actually get on the computer long enough to write them. 

Lots of news on my front but I guess the most life-changing at the moment is that I accepted a long-term substitute job for the entire 4th quarter (9 weeks).  Riverton High is in need of a math teacher.  I had originally told them no but the principal called me last week and I ended up agreeing to do it.

I teach:
  • two Algebra 2 classes
  • two College Prep math classes
  • two Secondary Math 2 Honors classes
Three different classes is a lot of prep time.  So far the Secondary math and College Prep math classes are pretty easy but I am nervous for Algebra 2.  They are on logarithms and I'm REALLY rusty on that!

I spent a couple hours tonight trying to get up to speed on logarithms and trying to put together my pacing guide for the next couple of weeks.   Wish me luck!  (or better yet, pray for me!)

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