Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Frustration = Exhaustion

The frustration of a teacher is new to me.  I am sure my teacher cousins have experienced it and probably learned better how to deal with it.

Simply put, I do NOT understand students who make NO effort.  They don't do homework.  At all.  They don't listen in class.  They fail tests and then don't take you up on your offer of extra tutoring and a test retake.  This is foreign to me.  I did my homework.  I cared about not failing and about graduating and going to college.  Luckily, school came easily to me and I didn't have to struggle to learn but I don't understand not taking offered assistance.

I am also learning to understand the frustration of students missing class (sometimes for choir tours or other school-excused absences) and then me having to re-teach everything that they missed.  I spend so much time re-teaching.

I've also just been given a senior who needs a quarter math credit to graduate.   Never mind the fact that we are 3 weeks into the quarter.

It's exhausting.

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