Thursday, November 1, 2012

McKayla is 17!

It truly doesn't seem possible.  I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

What a joy the last 17 years have been!  Let's celebrate with a trip down memory lane:

McKayla attended pre-school at Montessori.  She loved to learn and worked so hard!  Montessori was a work and learn at your own pace school.  Her teachers said they couldn't teach her fast enough.  She'd finish one lesson and come begging for more.  Thus started a good academic career ending with a current 4.0 on the quarter that ends today!  Teachers have always loved her for her work ethic, her quiet respect, her kindness to her fellow students, and her dependability.  I love attending her parent teacher conferences.

She was so shy as a youngster  She wouldn't even look at her dance teacher.  Adults in the neighborhood joked about how incredibly shy she was.  She certainly isn't shy today.  She is outgoing, talkative, self-possessed and confident.

She began dance class about age 3 but soon moved on to gymnastics.  She was especially good at the beam and floor exercises.  She advanced very quickly through the various gymnastics levels but one day came home and announced she wanted to play soccer instead.  Immediately she excelled in that as well and was soon playing on the highest level of competition team.  She loved soccer!   One  summer she tried the local track club and found she was a good runner.  She won every distance race she entered that summer.  Another summer she did a triathlon and won that!  When she got in high school she did cross-country and track.  Immediately, she was Riverton's top runner.  Even taking the school record in the 1600m and 3200m (she has plans to get the record in the 800m and the cross-country).

She always looks nice.  She is good at doing her hair and at putting outfits together.  She generally has her nails painted.  I always joked that she was the most girlish tomboy I knew!

She has loved dolphins for as long as I can remember.  A couple weeks ago she finally got her dream of swimming with one.  It was definitely a highlight for her (and for me watching her joy at doing it).

She can be stubborn.  She hates to call adults on the phone and will beg me to do it for her.  She is sometimes too concerned with what others think of her.

And that about sums her up - paragraphs of great things, a sentence or two of negative - practically perfect!

I love you, Miss McKayla!  Happy, happy birthday!

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