Sunday, November 18, 2012

navigating Canada with one eye

Life for me is rarely boring.  I seem to suffer mild mishaps (generally caused by my own klutziness) that keep life interesting and, at times, a bit challenging.

This weekend I headed up to Canada to check on my grandma.  It was a quick trip involving a flight to Calgary, a long drive to Edmonton, a visit with my grandma, an overnight hotel stay, a long drive back to Calgary, and a flight home.  Pretty standard stuff.

Or should have been.

I lost my contact early Saturday morning when I was trying to get ready.  Oops!  I couldn't find it anywhere so I finally gave up and began the drive using the one eye that contained a contact.  Unfortunately for me, I'd lost that contact some months previously and had been using an old prescription which didn't really correct my vision that well.  So, there I was trying to navigate downtown Edmonton on one not-so-great eye in the dark.  

I only made 6 wrong turns including 2 complete loops but I finally made it to the highway.  What a relief!  From then on it was easy sailing. 

I'd sure hate for life to get dull.

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