Wednesday, November 14, 2012

getting over it

I have long hated going to the dentist.  This is not an actual fear of dentists.  I never minded as a child/teen.  I think it is all related to our own particular dentist.  Kevin taught him how to fly and in exchange he gave us free dental services.  I always thought that was all they were worth - free.  He is an obnoxious, rude, opinionated, conceited, arrogant jerk(whoa, Marvelle, don't stop there...tell us how you really feel).  He has a hard time keeping assistants and office staff because he is so difficult.  On top of all that, he is painful!  Plus, his office takes 25 minutes to get to (when traffic is good).  However, I put up with it because it's hard to beat free.

In recent years, however, we have been paying him.  I've argued that if we are paying him then we should just switch.  However, Kevin has felt obligated.  They have a friendship (or something).  Our dentist even asked Kevin to perform the wedding ceremony one of the times he was married (too many to count and that one didn't last either).

I either chipped a tooth or had a cavity fall out about a month ago and just could NOT face going to our dentist even one more time.  I looked on the list of providers for our dental insurance and found one that is less than a mile from my house (I run past his office all the time).  I went this morning.

Report:  very nice guy.  friendly.  polite.  close to home.  heat and massagers in the chairs.  explains everything he is doing and why.  and, NO PAIN!

Conclusion:  New dentist for me and the kids (and Alec since he sees a specialist).  Kevin can do what he wants.

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  1. just move to texas and visit Mark for free! he's not TOO bad :) heehee