Friday, November 16, 2012

this and that

I am off to Canada today to go check on my grandmother - not super excited.

A new study reports that alcohol is high in calories and low in nutrients.  Funny!  They needed a study for that?  What does it matter anyway?  I'm pretty sure people aren't drinking it for the Omega-3's.

I hate how the media distorts stories to get readers.  I want them to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Lately there's been a big hubbub about parents and their 16-year-old son with Down syndrome who were not allowed to sit in the first class seats they'd paid for.  The headlines read that airline disallowed the first class because of the Down syndrome.  That would be enough to make my blood boil.  However, with a little more in-depth research I could find videos of the boy being unruly and a bit out-of-control in the waiting area - good reason for disallowing first class.  I can see both sides since Alec has Down syndrome and has flown many times (including once by himself) with NO problems.  However, Alec can also go into his own world and have out-of-control and extremely loud conversations with himself where he's been known to shout "don't kill him".  I am pretty sure any airline employee or passenger seeing that would have concerns. 

I used to think running was a super cheap sport - no expensive gym memberships, no referees' fees, no coaching expenses...until McKayla started running  $100 for new shoes every few months makes it a bit pricey at times especially when she needs those shoes right before Christmas.

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  1. I think it is so nice you are going to see grandma. I am sure it is hard when she doesn't even recognize you. I hate to think of her in Canada all alone.