Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a little more gratitude

tis the season...I'm feeling grateful!

Despite being told how many times how lucky I am, I don't think I always truly grasp what a wonder it is to have girls that get along.  McKayla and Shanley truly are not just sisters but are also close friends.  While they have had their occasional squabble, for the most part they get along well.  They have always shared clothes.  McKayla invites Shanley to do things with her and her friends.  Shanley does the same for McKayla.  They always want to room together or share a tent at youth conference or girls' camp. 

I guess it takes having lots of youth conference leaders/bishopric members/etc comment on how wonderful it is that our girls get along so well for me to really appreciate what a rare thing that is.

I am so thankful for their relationship because after all, SISTERS ARE FOREVER FRIENDS!

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  1. That is great they realized this early on! Di and I are best friends now, but in high school we sure fought a lot!