Tuesday, November 20, 2012

giving Kevin a laugh

Today I am thankful that I can provide comic relief/entertainment for Kevin.

Having lost my left eye contact some months ago (so wearing an old prescription) and having not been to the eye doctor in a few years and then having lost my right eye contact in Canada, I was finally forced to go have my vision checked for new contacts.  (I hate scheduling appointments and generally put them off until I am desperate!)

Kevin picked me up from my flight home from Canada and we drove straight to the eye doctor.  Now, Kevin is well aware that I have vision problems but he has never been to the eye doctor with me before.  Let's just say that my beloved husband with his 20/10 vision got a kick out of it.

It all started off with me being asked to read the eye chart (sans contacts).  I said, "I can see some black marks on that wall.  However, I do know that the top letter is an E."

Kevin laughs.

Then the eye doctor gets all excited that he can get my vision corrected to 20/30.  Yep, excited that they can get my vision to less than average.

Kevin laughs.

Then the eye doctor finds me a -12 soft lens that I can use for a few days to help me see a little bit while I wait for my new gas permeable lenses to arrive.  He hands the lens to me and says, "Good luck".

Kevin laughs some more.  He's never heard an eye doctor wish anyone luck before.

So glad I can amuse my husband.  I am even more grateful that my vision can be corrected so that I can function normally and I am thankful that my new contacts should arrive by next Monday so that I can really see!

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