Tuesday, October 30, 2012

no game shows for us!

Yesterday I was rushing to go teach seminary (I got called at last minute) so I asked Kevin to make me a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich to take for my lunch.

I made it to the seminary on time and taught a few classes and then sat down to enjoy my sandwich.  I was hungry and was really looking forward to that Nutella (it's all Whitney's fault - she got me addicted).  I took one bite and almost spit it out.  It was PB&J.  Ugh!

Being the patient, loving wife that I am (okay, just that I WISH that I were), I called Kevin to sweetly ask him why chew him out (no pun intended).  Why, oh why, would he make me PB&J when I HATE that?

His reply?

He didn't know I hated them.  Nearly 25 years of marriage and I have NEVER, not even once, eaten a PB&J sandwich and he has no clue!  Probably hasn't even noticed that Alec is our only child who likes PB&J (probably because their demented mother ruined their lives by never making them a PB&J sandwich.  Shouldn't that be a normal childhood staple? It's probably in a parenting handbook somewhere.).

And that, my friends, is why Kevin and I are never going on the Newlywed Show (that and the fact that after 25 years and 5 kids and 1 DIL we no longer count as newlyweds.)

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