Saturday, December 3, 2011

in which I brag that I survived


Insane might best describe this past week but I'm still standing. I survived.

Threw a scavenger hunt-type FHE for my family and a friend's. Hosted book club at my home complete with refreshments. Sold flags at the RHS basketball game. Did countless hours of PTA work. Attended a PTA meeting. Volunteered at Festival of Trees. Delivered (on foot) 90+ invitations. Attended Shanley's dance performance as well as my niece's. Fielded 13 calls per day regarding subbing, PTA bylaws, RHS SilverRush,Battle of the Bands etc. Got McKayla ready and off to California. Had the Suburban break down on me and walked home to get another car. Went to a doctor's appointment and underwent allergy testing. Taught Special Needs Mutual.

And in my spare time, I was in charge of the Ward Christmas party. You know. A little thing like feeding 350 people dinner, arranging for Santa, organizing entertainment, shopping, cooking, helping to decorate...

Anyhow, it was the week in which I didn't get to do much running but still lost 4 pounds because I didn't even have time to eat. Ever.

Didn't have time to sleep either.

So, I am going to go take a nap because although I did survive, I don't want to be "still standing".

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  1. yay! you made it again wonder woman:) I'm on ward christmas party duty once again 3yr in a row:) I feel your pain. Luckily our Bishop basically pays for the food himself bc seriously how do you feed that many people when no one wants to bring anything?!