Sunday, November 27, 2011


Dismayed. Disgruntled. Disgusted. Disappointed. I am even feeling a bit irritated.

Finding it a bit hard to retain the spirit of love and gratitude that comes with the holidays.

I was asked to be in charge of our ward's Christmas party. 350 people. $500 budget. I have had sign-up sheets going around the ward for the past couple weeks and even a plea in today's ward bulletin for help with the food. Just asking people to bring a pot of chili.

I can't get enough volunteers.

This party has occupied my every free moment for the last 3 weeks. I have lost sleep at night stressing over it. I have prayed and worked. Plotted and planned. Made phone calls and organized. And I can't even get 17 people to agree to bring a lousy pot of chili?

Sorry to be so negative. Tomorrow I will grow a new attitude but for the moment, I am going to wallow in a few moments of self-pity.

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  1. You had a bigger budget than we had for our Nativity Exhibit this past weekend. We only had 200.00 to spend. I think we made it barely. We borrowed a lot of decorations from people. I heard from Dad that your party went well but I'm sad that you didn't get any credit for doing all the work. I'm on the other end of the spectrum. People keep giving me the credit for the Nativity and I didn't do half of the work that other people did. I just organized a team together and the team did all the work. I guess you never win.