Sunday, December 4, 2011

Resolution Check-Up

Better late than never. I just didn't have time to blog at the end of November so here is my monthly accounting of how I'm doing on my goals.

Lose Weight - Yikes! Gained weight again. Pretty frustrating. I ran long miles surrounding Thanksgiving, tried to not badly overeat, and still gained a ton. The only bright spot is that I did lose some weight after Thanksgiving.

Read Jesus the Christ - COMPLETE! Yea!

Go snowshoeing - nope

Run Ragnar - COMPLETE!

Write My Grandma's Life History - No progress this month.

Do family search indexing - I did do quite a bit of indexing.

Attend 5 Temples that I've Never Been to Before - I made it to the Denver Temple. It was nice.

Overall - failure on losing weight and my grandma's life history but good progress or complete in other areas.

1 comment:

  1. Great job. I have been doing o.k. with my resolutions. I will post later how they went for the year on my blog. Losing weight will always be a battle for me. So I feel your pain there. Love you Sweet Sister!!