Wednesday, December 28, 2011


One of our favorite family traditions is Christmas Eve bowling and pizza. We love bowling because it is something the entire family can do! Even Alec bowls a pretty mean game!

Kevin and Chandler
Alec, Shanley, and Whitney
Scores from our first game. McKayla got a 66, Kevin a 95, me a 76, and Chandler a 77 (hate it when your 10-year-old bowls better than you do!)
More scores from our first game. Brakston scored a 74, Whitney a 79, Shanley a 111, and Alec an 85. You can see from our scores that we're practically pro. heehee!
Brakston and Whitney.
Alec with his usual enthusiasm.
Scores from our 2nd game. McKayla a 74, Kevin a 139, me a whopping 54, Chandler a 71.
More 2nd game scores. Brakston a 96, Whitney a 100, Shanley an 83, and Alec a 119.
After bowling we had pizza at The Pie (another tradition). Yummy! We also enjoyed their new drink machine. It is electronic and gives you so many options - Fanta in grape, cherry, strawberry, peach, etc; lemonade in strawberry, raspberry, cherry, etc; even vanilla root beer. We used one of these machines in the Atlanta airport earlier this year but this is the first one I've seen in Utah (course I don't eat out much either and almost never buy a drink when I do - I'm kind of a water gal).

The rest of our Christmas Eve tradition consists of reading the Nativity story from the Bible and giving our gifts to Jesus (usually a spiritual goal for the upcoming year). Then we watch "A Christmas Story".

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