Friday, September 28, 2012

not a HATER

I love trying new recipes so Pinterest has been heaven for me! Not so much for my kids. They would prefer if I only made their old favorites. They aren't big on trying new things. The worst is Chandler. Anymore it seems like his first question is "Did this come from Pinterest?" He says it with all the disdain his 11-year-old self can muster. I've tried explaining Pinterest to him and that it's not recipes just a place for me to collect and organize them but he still declares that he "hates Pinterest".

Well, I may have to remind him of this recipe next time he says that:
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake - yum! We were supposed to have the missionaries for dinner on Sunday (they never showed) so I made this for dessert. The missionaries don't know what they missed. The recipe is here. I made it with Snickers but we all decided we'd prefer Heath bars or maybe Butterfingers.

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  1. Some of my children share a odd dislike for all things Pinterst, odd, odd, odd.