Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've got a few questions that are puzzling me.

1) I've received another call to substitute for Institute.  That's 2 in 5 workdays.  This is my 7th year substituting.  Why, all of a sudden, am I being called to teach Institute?  Is there a probationary seminary substituting period that when you've passed you "graduate" to Institute?  Is it just random?

2) School has only been in session for 11 days and I've been asked to teach NINE times (sometimes there was multiple calls for one day).  It is rare to have so many calls this early in the school year.  What is going on???

3) Why is McKayla running slower this year?  She quit soccer.  She is working harder than ever.  In fact, many of the guys on the team have commented to me about her work ethic.  However, her best time this year is still a minute slower than last year's best.  She is stressing a bit about it and I think her coaches are too.  What is going on?

4) How is it possible for my family to go through more than a dozen bananas in just 24 hours?  They are a great recovery food after McKayla's training but I can't keep them in the house.  Must I hide the bananas along with my secret chocolate stash?


  1. Tom said that since .Mckayla is running more, there is a good chance her iron is low or her ferritin. Doctors don't usually test for it, but if the numbers come back low you can put her on an iron supplement with orange juice. Low iron usually accompanies mileage increases in girls. (P.s. Even if she shows up on the lower end of healthy range, you still need to supplement because runners need more)

    1. Thanks, Holly (and Tom)! I'll have that checked - maybe that will be one mystery solved!