Wednesday, September 5, 2012

birthday girl

Dearest Shanley, I can hardly believe you are 15! You have really matured over the past several months. I love how close you and McKayla are as sisters! It makes me happy to see you enjoy each other's company, tell each other secrets, and have so much fun together. You are so funny and keep me laughing a great deal of the time. You are generally a happy person with an easy-going nature. You don't stress about things but are content to let things flow. You have always been and continue to be a very sharing, giving person. You are not selfish at all. You are beautiful inside and out and I'm proud to call you my daughter! love, Mom


  1. That cake looks so good. Seriously. Did you make it?

  2. Holly - yep! Chocolate layer cake (from scratch, I might add) then an Oreo/cream cheese/Cool Whip filling topped with a chocolate ganache and the rest of the filling. Then outlined with kitkats. It actually tasted as good as it looks. My kids actually ate it and they are not big cake fans!

  3. Yummy!!!
    And can she really be 15?!? Your daughters are so beautiful!!!