Sunday, September 23, 2012

the week of "the dress"

I think my daughters and I spent a good deal of our free time this past week hunting for a Homecoming dress. I am happy to report SUCCESS!!!

 Monday night we went to one of my friend's home and tried on the dresses her daughters had worn. McKayla found one she wants to wear for Sweetheart's and one she might wear for a future Prom. She brought one home for Homecoming just in case but it was long and she wanted a short dress. So, Tuesday night I took Shanley to a dress rental shop (McKayla doesn't finish cross-country in time to go during the week). Shanley was a good sport and tried on lots of dresses and we took pictures to show McKayla. The following pictures were our favorite dresses but we would have had to rent a bolero for any of the dresses and the saleslady was grouchy and we weren't overly impressed.
So, Wednesday night McKayla went to another dress rental shop and found her perfect dress! She is so excited! It is short and blue and she loves it. (I'm not posting pictures until the actual dance).'s always a relief to find "the dress".

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