Friday, August 3, 2012

Resolution Check-Up

Home Improvement
 1) Build shutters for the windows in the front of my house - No progress.
2) Paint the shutters, outside trim, and outside doors - Truthfully, I spent my entire home improvement budget on paint for the kids' rooms.  McKayla decided she wanted to paint her room (2 colors, no less).  Shanley decided that meant she should do hers (also 2 colors).  Of course, Alec wanted in on all the fun so I bought another gallon of paint and McKayla painted one of his walls.  The bedrooms all look great but after all that paint I have no more money to do my projects!
3) Plant lavender in front of the house - Done.
4) Do window treatments for family room, dining room, kitchen, Shanley's room, and the master bedroom - I had finished Shanley's window treatments and was ready to hang them when she repainted.  Now it doesn't match.  Ugh!  At least I hadn't spent a lot.
5) Paint/stain the back deck - Finished!
6) Paint the master bathroom - The paint is picked out but again, no money to purchase it.

1) Plan a special date with Kevin once a month - did!
2) Spend one-on-one time with each child every month (away from the home) - I think I only got Alec and Shanley.

1) Have 2 game parties for adults this year - one so far this year
 2) Host 2 special FHEs with other families this year - one so far this year

 1) Lose 20 pounds - I lost nothing this month. The year-to-date total is 14 pounds.
2) Climb Mount Timpanogos - summer
3) Run a marathon and a half marathon - I am checking this one off. The marathon is over and I didn't finish but I'm not doing another one so I'm finished.

 1) Make sure 1/3 of what I read is uplifting (spiritual, classical, best-book type stuff) - have done this
2) Write a book - Have done some research this month but haven't written anything.

1) Spend 1 day a month in the temple - Did it!
2) Go to 3 new temples - no new progress (still 2 of the 3)
 3) Read the New Era and the Ensign every month - done in July
 4) At the end of every day, record the hand of God in my life for that day - Did

Overall - Still progressing.  Feeling good this month because I completed my denim quilt, sewed lots of projects, held family reunion, hosted a baby shower, went on a campout/soccer tournament, and did several hours of CPE.

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