Friday, August 24, 2012

feeding the masses

I fed 70 teachers at the middle school yesterday.  That was the culmination of basically 3 days of shopping, chopping, baking, cooking, prepping, etc.  I'd feel like "job well done" except I am too irritated.

One of the teachers is a vegan.  I didn't know this the first time I fed them and, boy, did I hear about it.  So, the next time I served lasagna.  I bought pans of frozen meat lasagna from Costco but handmade a vegetarian lasagna for that one teacher.  Only, she wasn't happy because it turns out she is vegan not just vegetarian so she stays away from ALL animal products so she doesn't do cheese either.  I have cooked for them several more times with no success in pleasing this teacher.

This time I thought I had it made.  I did Hawaiian haystacks.  Granted, I served a creamy chicken topping but I also had a Hawaiian sweet and sour sauce (with no animal products) for the one teacher and there were plenty of fruits and veggies to top her haystack with.  NOPE!  She didn't say anything to me but made a comment to one of the other women who helped serve that she'd like us to consider her.

I wonder when Christ fed the 5000 if there was someone in the crowd who complained they couldn't eat the fish because they were vegetarian or someone who complained they couldn't eat the bread because they were gluten-intolerant.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not comparing myself to Christ.  If I were more Christlike, I probably wouldn't be considering telling this teacher to bring her own lunch next time!


  1. Wow, really that is all I can say is Wow. OK I can say more now I think about it. My husband is a picky eater... we know this, it is ALWAYS his responsability to figure out what he is going to eat. You want to be Vegan, great I am all for it, but you better be prepared to bring your own lunch.

    Skipped the irritated and go with "job well done", because you deserve it.

    PS I was a little worried I didn't see any post from you after girls camp, worried over now I know why. You are so good at keeping yourself busy :)

  2. I know this was meant to be a vent post but seriously I think you're hillarious:) perhaps there would have been more than 5000 fed if humans weren't so darn good at whining:)