Monday, August 20, 2012

lack of blogging

What a crazy past 2 weeks!  I spent Monday through Friday at Girls' Camp and came home to 14 houseguests (Kevin's family).  We spent a great weekend together and said goodbye to the last of our company on Monday morning.  We spent Monday at Seven Peaks Waterpark and then I spent Tuesday through Friday at BYU Education Week.  I spent Saturday at Chandler's soccer game in Layton and then Alec's Kingdom Ball in Kamas.  Sunday was filled with church and appointments with the Bishop and Stake President to get my temple recommend renewed.

The upshot:
  • I've had lots of fun - I spent 2 weeks playing
  • I'm behind on everything (blogging, sleep,  housecleaning, sleep, grocery shopping, sleep,  etc)
  • I put hundreds of miles on our cars (and spent a fortune on gas)

It's probably time to get back to reality.

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