Thursday, June 27, 2013

this and that

I hate the heat but love the easy rhythm of summer. I love the green lawns and flowers. I love the days spent on the waverunners or at Seven Peaks waterpark. I love the nights at the ball games. I love the soccer tournaments. I love the parades. I love the camping and the family reunions. I love the extra time with my family. I love the ice cream and the Hawaiian shave ice. I love the hiking. I still hate the heat!

Monday night we spent at an Orem Owlz baseball game. Blankets spread on the grass. Kettle corn. Alec catching a foul ball and getting really excited about it. Chandler running the bases after the game.

Tuesday I took McKayla and a couple of her friends out on the waverunners. Reading a good book. Bouncing on the waves. Sunshine. Laughter.

Yesterday Alec and I went to the Real soccer game. National anthem. RSL fight song/anthem. Hot dogs. Stadium seats. Chanting crowds.

Today McKayla and Shanley left for Youth Conference. Excitement. Packing. Kisses and hugs send off.

These are the days of summer.

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