Thursday, June 13, 2013

a clock

Riverton High teachers end their year with a social.  Clocks are presented to any teacher retiring or resigning.  They are nice engraved wood clocks.  Afterwards there is a steak/chicken barbeque and prize drawings.

Brad, the principal, was presenting the clocks.  He would call the recipient up and say something about how long he/she had been at Riverton and then tell (or let them tell) what they were moving on to.  There were quite a few teachers leaving for various reasons.

Imagine my surprise when Brad called my name.  After all, I was only there a couple months and it was a temporary position to begin with.  Still, he made me come up front and talked about what a good job I'd done and how much the students had loved me.  Then he presented me with my own clock.

It was very sweet and the things he said almost made me cry.  Still, I'm not sure my 2 months really merited that.

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