Monday, June 24, 2013

personal preparation

Our Sunday School lesson yesterday was on seeking learning. As I read the lesson prior to church, I was contemplating our responsibility as students. I've been told for years that I have to go with the Spirit if I want to learn and if I don't get anything out of the lessons or talks, it is my own fault. However, when I was pondering on that yesterday, I was thinking about the Savior teaching the Nephites. At one point He stops and says, 'I perceive you don't understand.' and He invites them to go home and prepare themselves so they can come back and learn.

I thought this account beautifully illustrates the responsibility we have as students and class members. It certainly wasn't Christ's fault the people didn't understand. Christ is the Master Teacher.

 I was also thinking about te command to teach one another. I was thinking that could not only apply to being called as an instructor or as a missionary but also to each one of us as we are class members. It is our own preparation that enables us to make comments and share insights. In many ways, we are letting our fellow class members down if we don't come prepared. I think our Sunday School lessons would be so much more interesting and go much deeper if everyone would come having read and studied and pondered upon the lesson.

And, can you imagine how strong the Spirit would be if every person in the lass were seriously inviting the Spirit through their own personal preparation?

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