Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chandler's finished!

The day has arrived - I no longer have an elementary student.

After 18 years.  After having a student at Riverton Elementary since the day it opened it's doors to students (Brakston started kindergarten when Riverton Elementary opened).  After 3 principals.  After countless hours of volunteering in various classrooms.  After 30 different teachers (we did have some repeats).  After 5 kids attending for 7 years each.

It is over.

Chandler's last day was Friday, June 7th.

We celebrated in our typical fashion - Jill, Karen, and I met our kids on their bike road home with a water hose, water guns, and silly string.  After sufficiently soaking and stringing them, we enjoyed pizza and popsicles.  For the last time!  Weird!

I did present Chandler with an "Orange'd ya glad school's out?"  package filled with orange drinks, orange gum, orange ocean creatures crackers, orange goggles and snorkel, orange bubbles, and an orange box of Runts.

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