Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the tough decision

I'm so glad that it wasn't me that had to choose between my Junior Prom and a big race!

McKayla's coach really wanted her to run at Arcadia (a huge, prestigious meet that boasts lots of national records and like 182 athletes who have gone on to compete in the Olympics over the years).  McKayla's times qualify (and get accepted) in both the 1600 and the 3200.  Sounds peachy, right?  Especially when you consider it's held in southern California (can we say sunshine and warmth?)

The catch?

It's the same weekend as Prom.  In fact, the 3200 race (her best race) would begin at the same time as the dance.  hmmm....

Like I said, I am so glad it wasn't my decision.  I am pretty good at supporting whatever decision she makes.

In this case, that means the race.  I guess the decision was made easier by the fact that there are no boys that she is really interested in at the moment so...

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