Monday, January 28, 2013

window treatments

Window treatments were big on my to-do list last year. I bought curtains for Shanley's room and my family room. I made curtains for my bedroom. That just left the dining room. I was stalled. I finally decided what I wanted and bought the fabric but then Christmas hit and I saw this cute Pinterest project:
and, yep, the window treatment was stalled again.

Then, New Year's Day hit and it was time to take down Christmas decor. That also meant it was time to get serious about my dining room window treatment. So...

A fabric faux Roman shade. It took several hours of my Saturday and lots of repins but I am really happy with the result!

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  1. It’s good to know that you found something interesting where you can focus throughout the year. Creating various window treatments can really be fun and exciting. It really gets you to put in the effort to come up with something new and fascinating. So how many treatments have you made in the past?
    Roxie Tenner @ Allure Window Treatments