Friday, January 25, 2013

Paris - Day 3

It is really a bummer but I have almost no pictures from our last day in Paris. My camera's batteries died. Dang it! We spent a lot of time on the Metro. We used it to get almost everywhere. We did take the bus to/from the Eiffel Tower at the suggestion of the information center guide but the Metro was just so much easier to navigate.

On Sunday we took the Metro/Train to the Chateau de Versailles. The palace was just as awe-inspiring as most of the sights we'd seen so far - gorgeous architecture and lavish furnishings.

This is the bedchamber of King Louis XVI (husband of Marie Antoinette).

I truly wish I could've taken more pictures. As much as I loved the palace, the grounds were even more impressive. I'd love to see them in the spring, but, even snow-covered, you could see the fountains, walkways, mazes of bushes, etc. Wow! I think McKayla could do all of her cross-country training there and never get bored of the view. The grounds are extremely extensive with so many gardens and fountains and paths. After the palace, we went to the Pantheon - former church turned civic temple. Once more, the architecture was jaw-dropping. We finished off our day with a trip to an aquarium. It boasted of sharks but they were tiny - about 2 feet. The crocodiles were impressive though and there were lots of pretty or unique fish. Then it was back to the last of our souvenirgift shopping and then back to the hotel.

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