Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paris - Day Two (part 1)

Paris is great for the under 18 set! Most of the museums are free. So, I paid 39 Euros to buy me a 2-day pass and we went at it! Saturday morning we started at La Conciergerie - a former royal estate turned prison. Marie Antoinette was imprisoned there.

Next was Saint Chapelle. The stained glass windows on the 2nd floor were amazing! We did laugh, however, at the signs on the first floor asking for silence because it is a church but then it was filled with kiosks selling stuff. I guess in a church you need to be quiet when purchasing.
Then we were off to Notre Dame. It is gorgeous - I loved the architecture! We happened to be there during a funeral for a cardinal.

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  1. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL....I can only imagine the buildings in person :) What a great experience for you guys!