Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paris - Overall

Some of our observations of Paris:

  • no one drives a truck
  • everyone wears a scarf
  • forget bars, metros are the "pick-up" spots (as noted by my experience the first day on the train and the fact that some guy kept whispering in Shanley's ear and following her around on the metro the 3rd day)
  • banana/nutella crepes are to die for
  • Parisians don't believe in shoveling sidewalks (it snowed our 1st and 2nd nights there so we spent days 2 and 3 either wading through very wet slush or slipping on ice - not a single sidewalk anywhere was cleared!)
  • they are big believers in the Smart car there
  • they must be efficient (gas pumps are right on the side of the road (pull into a parking spot, gas up, and go)
  • there is a Patisserie on every corner
  • there appeared to be an unusually large number of carousels there
  • business class is definitely the way to travel overseas (all 3 of us got it on the way home and loved it!)

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