Monday, December 3, 2012


Riverton High has an awesome tradition of raising money for a chosen charity during the month of December. The SBOs (student body officers) carefully select a charity, unveil its identity in a kickoff assembly, and plan lots of activities to raise funds. Some of the activities include an ugly sweater stomp, a charity concert, goat kissing, send someone to jail (pay to send them and they pay to get out), the game Gotcha (you pay and get a pin with someone's face on it, you find them and take their pin while trying to keep the person with your face getting your pin), etc Every club/organization at the school gets into the act. Some offer face painting, hoodies/t-shirts are for sale, they sell hot chocolate, and on and on. This year they are doing a movie night, a CD featuring students (they had to audition for it), and a special Silverrush donut. The community gets into the act too. Arctic Circle has created a Silverrush shake which is only available in December and the proceeds go to Silverrush. Little children will save their money all year and give it all. Students organize and go out into the community every day after school knocking on doors and offering to do odd jobs for money. People hire them to shovel snow, hang lights, clean, read to children, whatever. Last year Riverton High raised an amazing almost $108,000! Our nearest neighboring high school (in a richer area, I might add) raised a little over $40,000. I was subbing at Riverton High seminary today so was able to attend the kickoff assembly. The charity they chose this year is the Haley Bell Blessed Chair Foundation. It was established about a month ago by Collin Raye in honor of his late granddaughter. It was named after a line in his song, "She's With Me". The foundation is intended to provide wheelchairs for children whose parents cannot afford them. The assembly was quite touching and I'll admit to shedding a tear or two. They had a couple of students talk about siblings who are in wheelchairs and what those chairs make possible for their families. One of the girls talked about was Coco. She is in my special needs seminary class and has a smile that always makes my day! So excited for the spirit of this giving that draws all the Riverton High students together. The atmosphere around the school is wonderful!

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