Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Highlights

It's time to start wrapping up the past year.

Sports Highlights:
  • McKayla setting the school record in the mile
  • Chandler's soccer team winning a gold medal in the Glory Tournament of Champions
  • Brakston making the UVU soccer team
  • the BYU women's soccer team enjoying unprecedented success
  • the UVU distance running coach telling us he is very interested in McKayla
  • Chandler running his first 5K and taking 2nd in his age group and 6th overall
  • Chandler running his first 4 mile and winning it!
Church Highlights:
  • Shanley called to serve on the Stake Youth Committee
  • Mitt Romney running for president and the LDS church getting lots of publicity
  • the "Mormon Moment"
  • lowering the age for missionaries (this was big news on its own but on a personal note, we thought it would be 7 years until we'd have another missionary.  Now we think we'll have one in 2 years.  I'm pretty sure McKayla will serve a mission but I am also pretty sure she never would have lasted until age 21.  She will turn 19 only 5 months after she graduates high school.)
Family Highlights:
  • McKayla and Shanley swimming with dolphins
  • family cruise to the Bahamas
  • family reunion in July
  • lots of wonderful days at Seven Peaks waterparks
  • spring break trip to Sandhollow Reservoir for 4-wheeling and waverunning
  • trip to Winter Quarters
School Highlights:
  • McKayla's first 4.0 as a high school student
  • Kevin going back to "school" at UVU
  • Whitney graduated from BYU-I

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