Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"first" sub gig

Substituting is a perfect job (other than the pay is not great) because I love teens, I love teaching, and I love the flexibility of being a sub. It is so great to "just say no" when I have something I'd rather do. I have been substituting seminary classes for over 6 years now but tomorrow marks my first official non-seminary substitute job. I am pretty excited and couldn't have asked for a better job. I will be teaching the special needs class at Copper Hills High School which means I will have 3 aides that will know what is going on and actually run the class. I love teaching seminary because I love the gospel and really want to help in bringing people to Christ so I thought long and hard before applying to sub regular education. However, the facts of the matter are these: 1) Some days I want to teach and don't get asked. I am hoping that being able to go online and see available classes will provide me even more scheduling flexibility. As a seminary substitute, I must wait to be called. 2) Potentially I can make more. Regular education pays about $16 more per day. It doesn't always work out more per hour though. Regular pays by the hour while seminary pays 1/2 or 1 day. I have had the opportunity to sub only early morning (1 hour) and get paid 1/2 day. That's a great gig when it happens. 3) I believe I will have less stress subbing in a regular classroom. I won't have to spend time preparing a lesson and I won't have to be concerned with teaching by the Spirit. I'll see how it all works out.

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