Friday, December 21, 2012


No.  That's not the result of my vision screening.  I could only wish my vision were that good.

That is 25 years of marriage for Kevin and I and 20 years since Alec was born.

Kevin and I celebrated being married for a quarter of a century on Tuesday.  Well, I use that term "celebrated" loosely.  I had a root canal and then got extremely sick from the pain meds.  Not a lot of celebrating going on.  Hopefully this weekend when we plan to go out for Mexican food and attend a Peter Breinhold concert.

Still, I love Kevin and am so glad I married him.  We met almost 26 years ago in an economics class at Ricks College.  We sat next to each other and talked during class.  Dawnette came for a visit late in the semester and met my boyfriend.  When I asked her what she thought of him she said "he's fine but I like Kevin."  I had to ask her who Kevin was.  She went home and told everyone that she'd met the man I should marry.  Kevin and I started studying together.  My boyfriend and I broke up.  My roommates decided I should ask Kevin to Girls' Pref and they called and told him he was being asked and told him where to meet for the ask.  THEN, they told me.  My option was to ask him or call him back and tell him it was a joke.  I asked.  Smartest decision of my life!  That was March 1987 and I've loved him every since.  We've had our ups and downs but far more ups and there's no one I'd rather go through the downs with than him.

Wednesday was Alec's 20th birthday.  I still remember the quick labor, easy delivery, the immediate falling in love with this beautiful baby, and then the at-the-time devasting news that he had Down syndrome.  What joy he has brought to my life and what a blessing he is to our family.  I learn so much from him.  Life is never dull with him around and I could fill a book with "Alec stories".

A recent Alec story - he loves to get the mail and deliver it to us.  A package arrived last week that he tried to give to me but McKayla was expecting her new iPod and was sure it was for her.  She told Alec to give her the package.  Alec said "It's for mom."  McKayla said she didn't care whose name was on it.  It was for her.  Kevin jumped into it and told Alec to give it to McKayla.  He was upset since it had my name on it.  I asked McKayla who it was from and when she said "Amazon", I She informed her that it was for me.  She handed it over but had to hear a "haha" from Alec.  I think he was thrilled to have been RIGHT!

I sure love these men and am grateful for my 25/20 week!

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