Saturday, October 6, 2012

blogging woes

I have hardly had any time to blog lately and when I do I just seem to experience problems.  I'm not computer-expert enough to know what the problem is - just that I can't load pictures and when I try I get kicked completely out.  Frustrating!

So, quick recap:

Chandler is off-track so we're trying to have fun playing.
Kevin has already been snowed in on a flight (Fargo, ND).
McKayla had a great time at Homecoming.
I fed the teachers at the middle school on Weds. and Thurs.
McKayla's cross-country team qualified for State.


  1. I keep thinking I need to teach in Utah! Y'all spoil your teachers. How is McKayla? Did you check her iron?

  2. Well at least you try. I am a blogger failure!! I have tried but get too busy doing other things. Can you say "SQUIRREL?" I can!! :)