Sunday, October 28, 2012

what do you get?

What do you get when you cross a goat, a chicken, eggs, Halie, and McKayla? A great big laugh!

Several weeks ago they asked dates to Girls' Pref.  They put a chicken and a bunch of eggs in a box on the porch, tied the goat to the porch, left a sign that said, "don't be chicken, say you'll "goat" to Pref with me, rang the bell and ran.

First, Sage (Halie's date).  He came out and laughed and grabbed his family.  They all got a good laugh and went back inside.  Halie and McKayla attempted to retrieve the goat and chickens but had to untie 7 knots to get the goat free (they were so afraid of it getting loose) that they ended up getting caught.  Sage told them that Joe's house (McKayla's date) was hard to find so he'd go with them.

So, Sage is in the back seat of our car holding the goat and getting very strange looks from passing cars.  Then the goat starts burping and McKayla said the car stunk so BAD!

They repeat everything at Joe's.  Only he runs back inside and grabs and knife and fork and comes back out and yells "Dinner!"  Halie shrieks, "not my chicken" so they are caught again.

On the way home the goat actually poops in the car.  Ugh!  Luckily, it was pellets so not too nasty to clean up.

McKayla couldn't stop laughing when telling us about her adventure.

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  1. Your blog and your creative kids keep many of us entertained! (Dianna's family)