Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Racking Up Awards

It's the end of track season and the end of high school. What does that mean? It means it is awards banquet time. McKayla and I missed all the awards last week while we were on our cruise but McKayla sure racked up a lot of them! Shanley got to accept the track awards on McKayla's behalf so that was kind of fun for her. First it was the awards night at the high school. McKayla received recognition and a pin for being on Hope Squad. She also received two pins and the accompanying two cords to wear at graduation for an enhanced diploma in the area of activity and athletics department. She also was awarded a plaque for 3rd place as the Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year. Her final award was the Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award. This one came with a medal. Next it was the Silverwolf Medallion Banquet. To receive the medallion, you must accumulate a substantial number of points in many different areas throughout your high school years. You get points for club memberships, academic achievements, attendance, service, athletic accomplishments, participation in school events, etc. This earned her a medallion to wear at graduation. Last it was the track banquet. She received a varsity letter. Also, everyone who broke into the top 5 all-time on the record board received certificates. She received them for the 800m and twice for the Medley Relay (she was on 2 different teams this year and one of them set the school record and the other one took 2nd on the all-time board). She also received a plaque for setting the school record in the 3200m. She has owned that record since she was a freshman but has broke her own record every year. Her biggest award was the Alpha Female Award for the most valuable female runner. This is her third year in a row of receiving that one. This was a bit surprising since a sprinter actually was the state champion in the 400m and McKayla's highest place was 2nd. For that she received a really nice glass trophy. All in all, not a bad haul! Great way to exit her senior year!

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