Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Med Cruise part 6 - this and that

This was my fourth cruise and McKayla's third; however, it was our first time on Norwegian. We loved it! They did a few extras that we just liked such as meeting us before we boarded but after our shore excursions with glasses of cold lemonade or ice water. They were also very conscientious about sanitation spraying our hands before we entered dining areas and when we reboarded the ship. They had freestyle dining so we had lots of choices about when and where we ate. Also, they had crepes every night and McKayla and I took advantage of that each night. I usually had a nutella/strawberry crepe and McKayla usually had 2 strawberry and cream crepes. Yum!

This ship was also the very largest one we've ever been on or have even ever seen. It was really large but this picture does not do it justice.
We had awesome entertainment on board. We saw a Cirque Dreams show that was great! We also saw Legends in Concert which was singing impersonators like Prince. Our very favorite was Blue Man Group! They were awesome and so much fun!
It is always a treat to watch the sunsets when you're at sea!
The ports had their share of street entertainers. Italy was filled with "statues" like this lady who looked like a gold statue:
or this man who appears to be sitting in mid-air:
They had this large movie screen on the back of the ship and McKayla enjoyed a movie or two from our lounge chairs.
I always love the towel animals! It is so much fun to go to your room at night and find what animal they've made for you.
They also had what they called Epic Bounce. You could bounce really high on this trampoline and do front and back flips. McKayla was really good at the flips.

Of course, there were also the usual accoutrements. Soft serve ice cream anytime you want. Basketball and soccer courts. Games and activities. We went to a Q&A with the captain, head chef, and activities director and the info they told us was interesting. I joined a "Name That ABBA Tune" game and won that. Then I won the Sudoku puzzle challenge and then I also won a general trivia contest. For all of my efforts, I won a Norwegian cruise line water bottle. Mostly, McKayla and I just had a wonderful time!

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