Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Med Cruise part 5 - Cannes

After Florence, Cannes was my next favorite place! Part of that may stem from the fact that the previous 2 days had involved lots of walking and some stress as we'd traveled on our own and then Cannes was just a welcome, relaxing reprieve. We had decided that Cannes would be a great place to relax on the beach and we did!

The Mediterranean was so incredibly blue that I was in love with it instantly!
There were yachts everywhere.
McKayla and I walked down the street until we found this stretch of Midi Beach. We laid out our towels, stripped down to our swimsuits, read, and took naps. The temperature was absolutely perfect! The sun was warm on my skin but the breeze was cool so the day was very pleasant. I splashed around in the water a bit. The water was a bit chilly at first but after the initial shiver it just felt refreshing as well. The sand was nice too.
We climbed up a hill going up a very picturesque narrow street and had incredible views from the top.
We saw a man on his rooftop gardening. We also saw this lady out hanging laundry.
Originally we had thought we might take the ferry to St. Marguerite Island but decided not to. St. Marguerite is home to the fort that was the inspiration/film piece for "Man in the Iron Mask". This is the view of the island from our ship.

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