Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Last Saturday night was Prom. Shanley's date, Brant Hansen, asked her about a month ago using a very clever scavenger hunt. Brandon Walker asked McKayla with a candy bar poster. Shanley answered Brant with an Amazing Race type scavenger hunt and McKayla answered with a fruit and vegetable poster (Brandon is eating super healthy for the track season).

Then the preparations began. The girls ordered dresses online. They came from China and the sizing was weird (McKayla got a siz3 12 even though she always wears a size 3 or 5). It's a good thing we went off their sizing chart! I added sleeves to McKayla's and hemmed it. Thank goodness I know people at the high school! Her dress would have taken me hours just to pin. Instead, I talked to the sewing teacher. They have a special presser foot for a rolling hem and she let me come use it. The entire hem took me less than 30 minutes and that included setting up the machine! Shanley is currently in the sports sewing class so she did part of adding the sleeves herself so she could earn some extra credit.
Shanley paid to get her nails and toes done. They looked great! McKayla just glitter painted her own nails and they looked good too.
When Brant picked up Shanley for their day date he brought her 3 pink roses! They went on a hike above the Draper Temple and had a picnic. Shanley and Brant ended up in matching outfits so they joked about being superior to the other couples.

McKayla's day date was extremely odd. They, too, had a picnic but then they threw Cheetos around the parking lot and rode over them with scooters to crush them. Brandon and McKayla were NOT excited about such a weird activity but they ended up having fun. I guess as long as you are with fun people, any activity can be fun!

The girls' dresses ended up quite similar. They weren't happy about that but they weren't in the same group so I doubt anyone noticed.
I made the boutenniere for Brandon to wear and I also made McKayla's corsage. They liked them!   I was pretty proud of McKayla's corsage and was bummed that I didn't take a picture.
The girls weren't in the same group but their dates arrived about the same time so I was able to get pictures of all of them together! Brant Hansen and Shanley. McKayla and Brandon Walker.
McKayla and Brandon's group went to The Garden for dinner. Shanley's group did a progressive dinner at the boys' homes. After the dance, Shanley's group watched part of Despicable Me 2 and McKayla's group played volleyball. They both had a great time!

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