Monday, March 24, 2014

Jubilation Choir

This year Alec joined the choir at the West Jordan Institute. He has really loved it! Last night they joined other Special Needs Institute Choirs from around the Salt Lake Valley for a performance at a church downtown. Each institute sang their own number plus there were several numbers that all of the choirs performed together. A couple times the audience got to join in. The U of U Insitute Choir was also there. They were good. The Special Needs Choirs made up for lack of talent with their enthusiasm and joy! There was an especially touching number. All the choirs joined in singing "Rejoice, the Lord is King". They were so exuberant and joyful that I bawled through the entire thing! Each member sang with his/her whole heart and soul. The Spirit was so strong!


  1. That would be awesome! We have one girl in our ward with Down Syndrome who loves singing and leading so much that they called her as the conducter. I love feeling her enthusiasm every Sunday as she leads the music and belts out the sacrament hymns.

    1. That is awesome! Alec would love that calling!