Monday, March 31, 2014


Classes don't start for almost 5 more months; however, it feels like McKayla gets closer to her university career every day! Last Monday she and I met with her academic advisor. We also attended freshman orientation (big waste of time). On Friday, her athletic academic advisor and I exchanged several emails.

Today as of 12:03 am she is registered for her classes for Fall semester. Whoa! Stop the bus! How did my little girl grow up so fast?

I am very excited for her but so sad for myself. What will I do without her?

The bad news is that since she had to be up early for practice this morning, I was the one who stayed up until midnight to get her classes when registration opened. (I am most definitely NOT a late night person). The good news is that student athletes get priority registration so I got her the exact schedule we had wanted. She will be taking 13 credits comprised of the following classes:

  • Chemistry 1110
  • Biology 1010
  • Psychology 1100
  • Nutrition 1020

Those classes plus Anatomy and Physiology comprise the classes you must take prior to applying for the nursing program.

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