Monday, March 10, 2014

looking forward, looking back

I am so excited for this week!  Why?  Not because I have anything exciting planned.  There are no exotic vacations on my schedule.   I'm not seeing the latest must-see movie.  I'm not going to eat at my all-time favorite restaurant.  In fact, there is very little on my schedule for this week.

That is what is making it so AWESOME!

Last week was a bit overwhelming.  I taught 3 days, attended parent teacher conferences with 21 teachers (3 children), cooked and fed 150 teachers dinner, took my girls out to breakfast, hosted book club, watched a soccer game, carpooled to soccer practice, taught a lesson in mutual, went to the fabric store 3 times, attended a concert, went out to dinner, spoke in Sacrament meeting,.......

This week includes teaching 3 days, sewing sleeves on and hemming Prom dresses, a trip to the DMV, a day of scrapbooking and not much else.

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