Thursday, February 20, 2014

My life = math

Math all the time!

Starting this week, I am back to teaching math full-time at RHS for a week or two (or three or...).   One of the teachers has a mom back East who is dying so she may be back there with her until after the funeral. Since I taught math for them a few months last year, they felt pretty comfortable having me teach again.  This time it is only 2 different classes instead of 3 (yay! - less prep).  I'm teaching Secondary Math 2 and College Prep Math so my students are either sophomores or seniors.  My sophomores are doings conics: circles and parabolas. (Not my fave!)  Seniors are doing quadratic equations and factoring (super easy!).

Teaching these classes alone is more math than I usually do on a daily basis but for some reason, this week both of my girls have needed a lot of help on their math homework.  I have spent a couple hours EVERY night doing more math!  At least Shanley's is exactly what I am teaching my sophomores at school.  McKayla's, on the other hand, is statistics and that really taxes my brain.  I haven't done much statistics since college.  Loved it then but don't remember it too well.

Haven't had much time for anything but math this week.

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