Friday, February 21, 2014

Brandon's call

Brandon got his mission call!  He is going to the France Lyon mission!!!!!   Woo-hoo!  We are all so excited for him!

He invited our entire family over to witness him opening his call and it was so wonderful to be there!  He was so overcome and excited that he started crying when he read it and it was hard to even hear where he was going.

We've tried to counsel our children not to have steady boy/girlfriends in high school but we are doing a crappy job with McKayla and Brandon.  We just love Brandon so much!  He is truly such an awesome guy, he treats McKayla so well, and he just fits right in with our family. 

I was so pleased that he invited us to share this special moment with him.  I know he'll be a wonderful missionary!  He is so kind to others that I think the people he serves will immediately feel his love and concern for them.

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